"GreeMeat" is a real wise guy.

"jayzlie" lets are imaginations run wild. Yay.

"rustedshut" drops the motherfuckin' Kong Bomb.

"Olin Fnard" finds treasure beyond his wildest dreams.

KABOOM! With that, we're finished. I hope you had a delightful time. If not, I hope you suffered terribly, you rotten pile of trash! Thanks to the wonderful SA Forum Goons for making these here images in the free time they normally use to write online suicide notes and pose for webcam pictures. If you crave a piece of the pie and wish to partake in the usual Phriday/Goldmine hootenanny, stop on by the SA Forums. We'll be back next week with thousands of MSPaint drawings of bacteria!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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