Welcome to the Webcam Ward where we give out the best overdubbed video advice to young couples, inquisitive singles, and elderly swingers. In this episode, Diabetus and I ask: "Dan and Jennifer: How are these people qualified for anything?"

Love and romance is a complicated topic, and there's plenty of professionals with insight and experience, willing and ready to lend a hand to this most confounding of topics. While people throughout the course of human history have their own perspective on it, everyone in the grand spectrum of time can agree on one thing: Dan and Jennifer are morons.

In case you were wondering "When should I take down my online dating profile?" and you didn't immediately think, "When I'm no longer single," then... wow. What did you think the point of it was? And I guess you can listen to Dan and Jenn except they make really awkward jokes like "Men are dogs!" and then ask the Internet for its advice, in the form of YouTube comments... which is sorta backwards from the whole point of the video, I'd think, but what do I know? Besides infinitely more than Dan, I mean.

I hate to take a cheap parting shot, but it's also pretty obvious Jenn wears the pants in this relationship because look at that damn drink in front of Dan. Yeah, I know, gender stereotypes and all, but seriously Dan, Gertrude Stein would call you a sissy-boy and then punch you square in the mouth. And we'd all be grateful, because everyone wanted to.

Online Dating - How Soon Should You Take Down Your Profile?

The exact moment when Dan sprouted a vagina. Added:
Description: So when is the "right time" to take down that online dating profile?
User: DanAndJenn
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Best Viewer Comment: Your losing the hair Dan

(Dan's response: it's been slowly going that way for 10 yrs, lol. high virility, what can you do... :-)

(slowbeef's response: You have a Sex n' the City drink in front of you, pal.)

That does it for this week at the Webcam Ward and if you run into a downright horrible video on the world wide web, let us know!

– Diabetus and Michael "slowbeef" Sawyer

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