Too bad the forum code didn't work. The color blue would have really brought out the emotion in his post.

"BryanX" you're such a card!

Well, uhm, at the very least he's right about that.

I felt the same away about Tootie from the Facts of Life.

Just wait. Soon their movies will tank, they'll adorn the cover of Maxim, a few guys will crank one out, and then they'll be forgotten like so many untalented hacks.

Shut up.

Their image? What image? Doing obnoxiously shitty movies?

I will bet anyone a hundred dollars that this guy doesn't have a father because if he did the guy would be getting his ass kicked by him the second this bullshit was posted. Folks, listen to me and listen carefully, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CHILDREN GROW UP WITHOUT A FATHER. Single moms please don't get your kid a computer because the second you do the kid will make his way to the Mary Kate and Ashly forum and type out insane fucking love letters to girls who wouldn't give him the time of day.

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