Happy Holidays, my precious readers! It is once again the time of year when people give into insanity and savagely crowd stores making it difficult for me to purchase my goods and services. My hatred aside, the holiday season is also a time of togetherness and merriment set to music. What kind of music? Well that's what this week's Phriday is all about! Phriday all star geno1173 challenged the SA Forums to come up with new and thoroughly wholesome holiday soundtracks, and here are the results!

geno1173 got things started with this nifty picture showing the wonderful splendor of racist idiocy.

BloodyHedgehog knows the true meaning of Christmas: BILL COSBY.

CarryTheZero made this creepy picture which begs the question: why is Chewie shaving his hand?

RolandTower is just a computer program, so it's okay to abuse him.

Oh, hey, it's ixcthu with a joke from that movie about rings.

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