People love to talk about how pathetic World of WarCraft and other MMO players are. Yes, they are pretty pathetic, but no gaming community compares to that of the Sims community. Because The Sims attracts more than just the stereotypical dungeons and dragons nerd, you'll find a wider variety of creepy nut jobs on Sims forums. The Sims 2 Community is where they congregate.

This guy spends more time planning for his Sims' future than he does his own.

She had a dream that her custom textures didn't work. What a nightmare!

That's so... beautiful. Sims in love. Is there a more romantic sight?

What this image depicts is two people putting more than two seconds of thought into discussion their virtual characters' fucking habits. Let me ask you, when is the right time to talk to your sims about sex???

Damn! That virtual girl is soooo hot!

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