Oh great, another furry forum. Might as well just go ahead and beat a dead horse, as opposed to these guys beating off a dead horse.

I try to be a good Christian, but my thirst for getting off on pretending to be an animal knows no bounds.

Get out your magnifying glass because this post is a doozy!

This image is not very work safe unless you work at a dog dildo factory.

The not work safe image in question.

Aww, if I were 6-years-old I'd play Pokemon with you!

This guy lives too close to the toxic waste dump. I say we move all furries near one so they can mutate into their hottest fantasy.

Practice makes perfect!

Lesson 2: Don't stick your dick into homemade sex toys.

Oh you like dickgirls? Here at Something Awful we have an entire forum dedicated to like-minded individuals just like yourself! Psst, they're all in, turn on the gas, quickly!

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