I just can't get a handle on the female orientated forum at Feminine.co.uk. It's like someone let loose a bunch of AI routines on a forum and let them post threads. One person would post a thread called "who is fond of cat?" and another person would reply "yes I am fond of cat." Whatever it is, it makes for some of the funniest posts I've ever seen.

I'm all about rabbits up in here!

It's like the one rule is that everybody has to post in stream of consciousness. DO NOT think about what you are typing, just let it fly!

I don't know if posting on an Internet forum is going to solve that. At least your fingers are getting a workout.

This girl has a long and hard road ahead of her. When you're 14 and huge, imagine what you are going to look like when your metabolism slows down. Yikes!

I'm going to talk about my weight in kilos now because it sounds a whole lot less to people who don't understand what a kilo is.

Yeah see, you don't enjoy sex?! Why I oughta!

This is the best forum we've ever featured.

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