Look around you.

Look around you.

Just look around you.

Have you worked out what we're looking for?

Correct. The answer is internet.

Prayer Wall

You know, I had a couple of long-winded of paragraphs about how much I dislike extremely religious people and how much of a goddamn bunch of pricks they are, but I figured I'd just say the following. Fuck these people.

Pray for PastorFreud. In my opinion he is probably a child molester! Because we all know how great of a track record priests have had of late. How libelous! Amen.

"PornKing" is not only a marijuana champion he's also the king of porn. Goddamn, this guy has everything going for him.

I pray that "downtrod" can get out of his rut of being a normal adult male. Amen.

God loves anal.

Please pray that little Jennifer doesn't grow up to be a slut. Amen.

Never ask Christians for help. They will only make you more ashamed of whatever it is you do. Amen.

Whether is not body inflation is considered pornography is not the most pressing issue here. It's whether or not having a body inflation fetish is a healthy thing or not. I'm guessing no. Amen.

I pray that you may listen to illegally downloaded music in peace. Amen.

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