Over the last few years I have become increasingly disinterested in video games. I would routinely buy a game, play it once, and I would never play it again. In fact there are a few games around here that I've purchased and never ever played. But there's something about Sim City 4 that causes me to play the fucking thing until five in the morning every day. Is it the ability to oppress low income citizens who have no where to go and must tolerate your regime of billowing polution and mandatory car crashes? Is it the satisfaction that comes from destroying the lives of imaginary people who only wish to have a decent life in your crappy virtual city? Is it that I have nothing better to do but tinker with local funding, trying to find that balancing point between my financial success and the breaking point of the angry rioting populace? I don't know about all that, it's just a damn fun game.

Emma Watson Forums

If there's a negative to becoming rich and famous I guess that would be the insane rabid fans. Multiply the effect by a hundred if you're starring in a science fiction or fantasy role. Count your blessings and kiss your privacy good bye if it's a current film. That's where the Emma Watson Forums come in. It's a board dedicated to the actress who plays Hermoine Granger in the popular Harry Potter films. As entertaining as those films are some fans can't just leave their obsession at the theater. From love letters to horrible poetry, these people are out of their fucking minds.

This guy has a great life.

I once saw a nasty limerick and a billboard. I will never forget that horrible day.

How do you know if she is a great person? No really, explain this to me.

Emma this and Emma that. Christ, you'd think they were all close personal friends of hers.



Emma Watson please send "CondorX" an email!

The guy trolls with poetry. I don't know what to think of that.

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