Please Note That All Email Links On This Website Have Now Been Remove Due To Unwelcomed Misuse, We Can Only Pray For The Person Who Gets Their Kicks From Sending Hardcore Pornography & Virus's Through Emails To Websites Like Ours, We Pray That Our Lord Jesus Christ Will Convict Them Of This Evil Sin, And Bring Them To Repentance So They May Be Saved.


I saw Jesus late one night,

Standing at my bed,

He said: “Look at Me My child

I have risen from the dead”.

I have bought you.

From what I can tell, this website has absolutely nothing to do with discos, dancing, or networks. Unless you know a large group of Christians online that know how to do the electric slide to incidental midi files that sound like Squaresoft games, there is very little justification for the disco classification. There is however plenty of justification that this is a terrible website. Especially the 9/11 tribute page.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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