Norma's Unique Gifts, submitted by r0y. Norma sure has cooked up a fucking asston of horrible "unique gifts" for her various friends. This self-titled "cool mom" had better never draw me in a fucking Christmas Gift exchange. If I hand over a DVD of "Cum Chuggers Volume 9" and get a shitty-compression JPEG of a puppy with some annoying phrase on it she would get a size 15 shoe up her ass. I don't even wear size 15 shoes. I would go buy a pair and shove them up her ass.

I have Created Many Unique Gifs... Something For many To Enjoy ...It is Graphic Intense .. Please re-load as I will Always be adding more..enjoy!!

Okay Norma, so "Spider-Bee Hybrid Mine" is your idea of a gift? Seriously, if you're going to draw a picture of a bee try not to include almost twice as many legs as the bee actually has. That would be like drawing a picture of your no-doubt deformed children and adding a pair of arms to their face.

Norma has many MANY gifts to offer on her wonderful site, everything from shitty drawings of alligators to shitty drawings of pigs. Spider-Bee Hybrid Sure to check it all out!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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