Feast for the Blades, submitted by Taki, My Forbidden Love. German readers of SA take note, today's ALoD is available in both German and English! It's a massive and extremely graphic work of Soul Calibur erotic fanfiction and its German author has translated his magnum opus to English. The oddest part of all this is that the story seems to be hosted by an otherwise legit German gaming site.

Taki was silent. Some demons enjoyed screams, others enjoyed tears. This one enjoyed helpless boasts and threats. She tried not to moan in pleasure as the demon ran his hands down to her waist and lifted her, her legs and arms falling limply to trail in the grass. "How would you like me to take you?" the demon asked cheerfully. "Any preferred position?" He thought for a minute, holding Taki like a doll above his lap and his enormous erection. "Mikiko said that you enjoyed being on top."

To be honest I am pretty surprised by this gigantic fanfiction epic. First of all it is fairly well written. Certainly not up to publication standards but by no means comparable to some of the Dragonball Z horrors I've read. The other surprising thing is that it's incredibly fucking massive yet is almost non-stop sex. Usually those giant fanfic epics turn into hideous self and friend insertion circlejerks where the author includes himself as the hero an some jerks he knows from IRC as his sidekicks.

Despite these two facts I offer this monster no quarter. It is truly pathetic that someone with even a shred of talent would spend the amount of time it would take to write 100 pages of Taki fucking demons. I mean maybe 20 or 30 pages, I could understand that, but 100?!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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