The Life of Cuddy, submitted by Cameron. When I was young I used to enjoy reading comic strips, and I occasionally read the ones in the Sunday newspaper. I especially like the political satire ones where George W. Bush looks like a chimp. Oh what a riot, That never gets old. The Life of Cuddy does not have George Bush but it does have comics. And how!


Haha! Oh Cuddy, when will you ever learn! Never, I expect. But do not worry, because if you do not like the comic strip there is plenty more to enjoy on the site. There are Essays.

I pull her close, lean in and kiss soft, wet lips.

"Your not some obnoxious drunk kissing my ass, saying whatever just to get her in bed," she says.

Watch out ladies, Cuddy is not only good looking but a hopeless romantic! For all you Cuddy-lovers out there, there is so much more to do on the site. Find out who is who (Cuddy is "Flat out REFUSING to conform!"), chat on the message board and maybe even buy merchandise in the store when the link is working. Okay I know it is supposed to be a joke, but this really is terrible. I honestly could not think of anything else to say about this site and so I drew a comic strip instead. Enjoy!

– Tom "Moof" Davies

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