, submitted by me. Have you ever wanted a convenient one-stop location for all your shitty goth poetry needs? Have you ever wanted to experience the deep emotional fulfillment that can only come from reading meaningful, emotional poems like "I Hate You", "it doesnt have name" and "Bitch"? Then pine no longer, my goofy gothic friend, for all your prayers have been answered!

loosing controle of thought
loosing spark
depressions take hold
does it matter who I am

I'm fading
peice by peice
I fade
day by day
I fade

someone must see me
or I never coagulate
I disapear

Wow! I am very touched by your inability to "coagulate" or be seen by other people, possibly because looking directly at your pasty white face in direct sunlight would cause instant blindness. Also, "I Disappear" was a terrible Metallica song and I hate you for bringing it up. And let's take a look at what these brave souls have to say about every goth's favorite topic - suicide!

Six feet under i will go
U made me feel this way
I killed myself today
Cuz i was in pain
I took a knife
Decided i didnt belong
Eternal rest

So now goth poets have moved beyond "Boo hoo I want to kill myself" and have progressed to "Boo hoo I killed myself earlier today and now I am sitting here writing about it"? I demand better plot continuity from my shitty goth poetry!

– Taylor

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