Watcher Website 's UFO NWO Conspiracy Resources, submitted by Snorlax.

If there is one thing the Internet has taught me besides how to get cum stains out of a fur suit, it is that this world is a dangerous place and everybody is out to get you. Like when I go out to the store and all the good milk is gone. I just know there is a ring of Masonic/Satanist Alien New World Order group that is working against me everyday. Thankfully there are sites like these that can inform us of the current plots going on so we can protect ourselves. For instance, I had no idea Pokeman was so deadly and is programming our children to become the battle master and kill us in our sleep!

Oh Snorlax will you ever win?

This site has endless links that you can browse over and read until you go insane with dread of just get bored and download porn. But remember, you are broadcasting an IP!

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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