Evidence Timeline, submitted by Josh. This site is the absolute motherload of conspiracy theories. Gruelingly and insanely organized, this site provides huge tracts of "evidence" that the world's timeline is being modified by time travel. Just like the usual egotistical conspiracy theorist he manages to tie every other conspiracy into his "alterations of the timeline" theory.

That, by time access, many other countries and government were formed which sole and unique purpose is to be a natural foe or natural enemy of the USA, for which some are nuclear super powers, such as the Soviet Union, England, Cuba, China,

2. Cuba itself, with thousands of warheads, practically a nuclear super power, all time emplaced and time empowered only 90 miles fro the USA to ensure that USA will not succumb to coup, and that the power ,above that of the USA Presidency, which is solely mine, power of Genesis, power of time, does not fall in the hands of a beast, of an impostor

It just goes on and on like this, with tons of poorly written conjecture about an impossibly vast government conspiracy involving time machines to make everything from countries to diseases to maintain US hegemony.

1.4 Contact any lawyers or legal organizations you know that may take this on contingency to prevent the FBI from ruining my livelihood, and ability to find work anywhere

Good luck with that buddy.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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