Dungeon Majesty, submitted by Wicked Souls. Dungeon Majesty is either totally awesome or totally awful. I'm leaning more towards the latter the more I view it with a furrowed brow and clenched teeth. This site features 4 "ok" looking girls playing Dungeons & Dragons with a goofy dungeon master who looks like he works morning shift at the oil change shop on the corner. The site includes pictures, bios on each girl, and the video showing you a sample of this show. This video is a comedy masterpiece, and you must watch it or be slain like the miserable Kobold you are.If I give you girls 500 experience points will you sleep with me?

I'll go ahead and admit something very embarrassing to you good people. At one time in my life I was a regular D&D player, and owned 5 sets of dice, some of them sparkly. I know these nerds in my blood. The whole draw of this site is D&D geeks foaming at the mouth that a halfway decent looking girl is actually role playing and seemingly liking it, even though she's getting paid $10 an hour. At least it's not as degrading as stripping for money. No I guess it is.

Oh my we are deeply immersed in a breathtaking fantasy world. Somebody pinch me.

If anybody lives near the Vine Theater in Hollywood, please try to go to the viewing tonight and during the question session after the show, ask them that the Internet's Frolixo wants to know if they want to upgrade their Toaster graphics package to something a little more "90's", cause I know a guy. Then set the theater on fire. I would really appreciate it.

NATURAL 20!!!!

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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