Net Prophet - HERE YOU, submitted by Troy. Ahhhh, the good ol' Internet. Safe haven for people whose professional occupation consists of "standing on corner of 5th and Barker St. and screaming at the traffic signal." I have no idea what this site is about, as it seems like another raving, conspiracy-minded, anti-government extremist who writes in a stream of consciousness format with little to no regards for his viewers' sanity. Take a look and judge for yourselves.

Dark and foreboding? Yes. Rays of light and hope? Yes!


As a "Universal Declaration" of Human Rights, this *purports* to be *THE ONE AND ONLY* declaration, definition and LIMITATION of YOUR rights, *CANCELLING* and rendering *NULL AND VOID* ALL OTHER RIGHTS WHICH YOU *MIGHT* HAVE *THOUGHT* YOU HAD. As such, it asserts that YOUR rights are neither god-given, inalienable, nor unalienable, but merely "Declared." Did YOU "declare" them as such? Did YOU PERSONALLY ratify this declaration (and accept this commercial law admiralty *ADHESION CONTRACT*) as defining *AND LIMITING* YOUR rights? Remember: whatever can be "declared" can be "UNdeclared"!

"If the governement tells you it's true, believe the opposite and bet your life on it!" is probably the best rule of thumb to apply to ALL information. They only talk to you to control you. They only want to control you if they know you won't do what they want you to if left to yourself. If they tell you to do something, that is YOUR signal that they expect self-interest and intelligence would dictate the OPPOSITE as proper behavior. They only lie, only to create your self-destructive belief and behavior. Caveat Emptor!

Oh great, now I'm NEVER going to take the tinfoil helmet off my head. Ah well, it's just as good, I don't want to subject anybody to viewing my hair.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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