The Light Unto The World, submitted by Catholicgauze.

If you have never seen "JESUS CHRIST THE LIGHT UNTO THE WORLD" written in size 4 million font, then you are truly missing out on something special. Don't worry though, because boy do I have a surprise for you! The Light Unto The World.

Today's professing Christians are not living their lives under God's true saving Grace, but under Satan's false grace!

This is a website which seems to be about Jesus and God and other things like that. Maybe angels too, I am not sure. It is like a whole church in your web browser, which is an incredible thing. It is yellow and blue and red. It says BY THEIR FRUITS in big red letters which I think no website has done before and it made me laugh. What it is actually about I cannot not tell you, because it is not written very well and the colors hurt my eyes. But I bet it is crazy.

– Tom "Moof" Davies

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