THE MESSIAH HOME PAGE, submitted by clickblipclick. Books about the end of the world are huge business these days. Less big are books about the end of the world with creepy Bible talk and tons of CGI pictures of naked women.

MESSIAH is a series of new novels for fans of the post apocalyptic genre. The series pays tribute to the Science Fiction movies of that genre that the author grew up with. With elements borrowed from films like Planet of The Apes, Virus, The Omega Man, The Time Machine and many more comes a unique yet familiar new series post apocalyptic fans will surely love.

What about the genius behind these?

Bob or Wolfman as his friends call him has always had a love of fantasy and science fiction stories and an affinity for the post apocalyptic genre. Films such as Planet of The Apes, The Omega Man, Ultimate Warrior, Virus, The Time Machine, The Road Warrior films, Damnation Alley and the newer Postman, Armageddon and Deep Impact are among his favorites. Bob found the current supply of such films and stories as barren as the wasteland they are set within. So he set out to write a series of novels he himself would love to read, and The Messiah Chronicles was born.

Emphasis mine. I knew his invisible arms reached far beyond the squared circle!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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