Dating vs. Courtship, submitted by God. If you're one of those hippy, free-love Christian-types, you may want to follow this guide to dating, you SLUT!

  • Limit your time alone to an agreed standard (example: 10 minutes). If you are talking, studying, or reading then more time can be allowed.
  • Do not touch, massage, or kiss the other person anywhere usually covered by clothes.
  • Focus on the time spent together being quality time. Do Bible studies, run, read, TALK, etc.
  • Making God the #1 priority of your personal life and of your relationship when things are good will allow you to trust Him to work all things together for good when things are bad.
  • Also, remember that when you do get married and finally have sex, in a way, you're having a threesome with Jesus. And his beard really tickles.

    – Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen

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