Wolf Shirts, submitted by Me. I was on my way to class last week when a painting caught my eye. It depicted a gorgeously rendered wolf howling at the snowy wilderness. Lonely. Sturdy. Almost mournful. I approached it to see if I could locate the artist and negotiate its purchase, and it was then I noticed that this painting was... moving? There's no way. Someone would have to be wearing the piece of artwork I so coveted. Certainly no t-shirt in this decade would be so incredibly detailed. You just don't see that sort of craftsmanship in this day and age.

My eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Unlike the majestic animal whose image it bears, the wolf shirt hasn't gone extinct just yet, but at only $17.95 a pop, who knows how much longer these bad boys will be around. Get one of these impossibly detailed beauties while you still can, because they're definitely...

– Seth

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