REAL GHOSTS, submitted by Me. I've had my doubts about the existance of ghosts from quite some time. I happened to be doing my monthly "looking for ghost pictures to try and scare my cat" rounds and came across this goldmine of information. Did you know there is such a thing as E.V.P? It's apparently "Electronic Voice Phenomena a process whereby unexplained snatches of voices are embedded onto magnetic recording tape by a process that is not yet fully understood." It's so magickal NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO USE IT.

This guy knows more about ghosts than you ever wish you could. I'm pretty sure that logo means that all the ghosts he has captured are REAL ghosts. He takes pictures of them, records them on magnets, and then releases them into the wild so they can roam free. This is the type of quality you should expect from a website "featured on the cable television program Internet Tonigh". Oh god please visit this site becuase I can't stand how spooky it is.

– Kevin "The Goblin" Wilson

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