T E X T F I L E S, submitted by Marxux. This page is something of an archive of those juvenile school revenge text files that served as inspiration for today's update. There are some real gems to be seen too, like "antibore" and computer.txt, that aren't actually good for anything. Even though you probably won't learn much from them, each file is a special window into the soul of a spiteful, reclusive computer dork of the past.

5) If they have a few Apples all together in a cluster, go behind them and pull out the cords of 1 monitor and switch them with another, so all the monitors go to different computers, this is fun to see what sumone does when they type sumthing and it goes on the screen next to them. Although this is better to do in school typing class!

Ho ho ho, excellent prank, you magnificent bastard! Teacher's gonna lose it!

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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