Worlds Of JMS, submitted by Carfax Report. I enjoy J. Michael Straczynski's work. A writer for some recent Spider-Man comics and the Babylon 5 tv series among other things, he's a pretty talented guy. Of course, that means he's got a number of obsessive fans, such as the webmaster of Worlds Of JMS.

The majority of the site is pretty informative if not obsessive, with a detailed listing of every project Straczynski has been part of. Then you get to the "JMS On Usenet" section, and things get a little creepy. This section catalogs every single Usenet post Straczynski has made since 1999, along with summaries that wind up being unintentionally funny due to the sheer amount of them and the minutae that they describe.

12 May 2005
JMS elaborates on his trip to Toronto and his ear infection.

24 August 2004
JMS provides some advice on cat ownership.

05 May 2004
JMS urges a fan to seek professional help.

21 June 2002
JMS wants to know the style of glasses that Redford wore in Spy Game.

17 April 2000
JMS jokes about a typo in another post.

01 April 2000
JMS enjoys The Sopranos.

27 January 1999
JMS comments on Sheridan's hair color.

This site makes me glad that I don't post on Usenet, and that no one actually cares about me.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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