The Billy Zane Museum, submitted by Billy Zane fans everywhere.

I don't know if this has ever been done before, but today's ALoD is a website that no longer exists and I have selected it because I want it back! It is the Billy Zane museum, and at one time it was the ultimate repository of Billy Zane information. I'm not sure what happened to it or whatever, but one day in between my research on Critters and my research on Demon Knight, the museum just ceased to exist.

Sure, I could go to the Billy Zane Encyclopedia, but it is so shallow. It doesn't really offer the depth I had come to expect from the Billy Zane Museum. And the official Billy Zane website? Feh, don't make me laugh. I doubt Billy Zane even knows he has an official website.

So, in summary, bring the Billy Zane Museum back!

– Steve "Malak" Sumner

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