The Vistas of Intrepid, submitted by gadzooks. If you love garbage, unnecessary Flash splash pages and website design, by God you'll love this site. Adeel Mahmood brags he's so intelligent that his IQ is "classified a state secret." You know, because the Canadian government just sits around with this big-ass confidential database labeled "retarded people," you know, for security reasons.

Statistically, his official IQ works out to be among the top 0.02% in the entire world. This means that at least 99.98% of the general world population will score less than him on the standard IQ tests.

Gosh, all that brainpower and he still designs his entire site in really primitive, unwieldy Flash? I must be so stupid that I'm incapable of understanding the reason behind this incredible idea!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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