Grim Findings, submitted by JC Terminal. Chubby goth girl who lives in a cemetery makes custom clothing for other goths who don't feel that wearing pounds of white pancake makeup and Indigo Girls t-shirts makes them look stupid enough. These are the perfect outfits for the next time you "really" want to role-play at your D&D meeting.

I occasionally manage to make it to a SCI FI, or horror con, usually with the intent of buying more Nightmare Before Christmas stuff (when my budget allows). I am currently collecting the "coffin of the month" by Jun planning, and so far I am only missing two (both are Sally coffins).

Make sure to have a good time while perusing through the goth gallery. Spooky!

PS: I think she's dating a gothic Levelord!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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