The 3 Bills Clan / Gang, submitted by res04pm. Racist Counterstrike clan makes rude comments about all Asians while simultaneously making asses of themselves the entire time. Are you ready to embrace the pain, folks?

Three Bills was founded by Trey and CraZ, two loveable characters that had 2 things in common. They both kicked ass at Counter-Strike, and they both hated those fucking god damn asians. Legend has it, in the early half of the 2nd millenium, Trey hit 300 lbs on the scale. This my friends was the begining of our revolution, the begining of our glory, it was the begining of [3Bills].

One time me and Trey got Drunk, and fucked 34 hookers in one night, but then I found out one was a gook so I beat her.

We could list all of the reasons that we have for hating Asians, but fuck that shit, that would take years!

Hooray! Those wacky racists, what WILL they dream up next? Perhaps a webpage that doesn't look like it was designed by using random algorithms? Maybe forming complete sentences that aren't completely drenched in sheer ignorance? How about hooking up their trailer home's air conditioner to the natural gas line?

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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