Jillian's Fart Diary, submitted by . Well... there's really not much more I can say. The title sums it all up fairly well. It's a diary. The diary is about farting. Any questions? I sure as hell hope not, because I'm not going to answer them.

Day 1

1 Bathroom-just out of bed - Big, rotten eggs and sour milk
2 Bathroom-after peeing - Loud echo in bowl... same smell, followed by soft yellow dump with dark flecks.
3 Making breakfast - SBD... more of a swamp gas style...
4 At computer - SBD... rotten cabbage now

Only on the Internet, folks! You can all thank Al Gore, who is now spending all his free time farting and recording the stench.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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