Praise In Motion, submitted by J.C.. When I first heard about these folks I was not too pleased, let me tell you! I thought "hey, teaching the lessons of Jesus Christ in dance format is like making pan cakes with motor oil! You're just going to start a really big fire and maybe burn your Triple Tough Absorbotrac Plush Carpet." I went down to see them in action with righteous fire in my heart and what do you know? These folks are gosh darned honest Christians!

Our Mission is to glorify Jesus Christ by using dance as an instrument of praise.

Now hold your horses there buddy! I know you're like me and thinking "this is the most pagan and evil thing I have ever heard!" True, dance and scripture should normally not be mixed, but these good people pull it off with just the right amount of class and piety. On the other hand a number of the parts were played by women and everyone knows this can lead to some serious trouble. I think if they just revise their cast to men and very fat men they would be doing just fine. Thanks for tuning in and God bless!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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