Project e-MANcipate
aims to establish that male pantyhose usage is "healthy, sexy, and positive." In the process, it demonstrates that the fruitiest undergarments aren't always of the loom. Even those homoerotic Hanes commercials don't convey "luxuriant feyness" quite like male leggings. The site's models include this shady Steven Seagal-looking character, who proves pantyhose aren't just for pretty boys. Some of the stockings make the wearers look like they're fitted with exotic racing blade attachments, like amputee sprinter Oscar Pastorius. These hosers are aptly dressed for activities such as straddling a suitcase, posing semi-nude with the whitest woman alive, and preparing to flash a little pattern-printed calf during the next business meeting. The site claims that pantyhose "improve performance in sports," which should help these stylish dandies sprint away from angry mobs who are not yet ready for the mantyhose movement. Sometimes it's tough, being a fashion trailblazer.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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