This update marks my first year anniversary as a Something Awful writer. Since I am tired, I would briefly like to thank the following people:

  • Lowtax: for pretending I was funny, and humoring me to this day. Also thanks to Lowtax for inspiring me to write way back when I first started reading the site in 2000 (I am claiming cred at this point).
  • Pantsfish and Maxnmona: for being part of the "New Writers Krew" (name pending) with me, reading my stuff, and working together with me on some great articles.
  • DocEvil, Microwave, and Pass the Slabs: for providing art far greater than my meager Photoshop skills could ever create.
  • All of Something Awful: for giving me wonderful ways to kill time.
  • My friends: Thanks for reading my articles and supporting me.
  • My family: You did not support me. Get off of this list.

I hope you enjoyed my rehashed and historically inaccurate jokes about Ancient Egypt! Look forward to a great year of even more of that!

– Bob "BobServo" Mackey

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