According to eHow, step one in dunking a basketball is "have big hands." You can still slam, even without risky black-market hand-expansion surgery, if you fulfill the second requirement: "Be a good jumper." But how can you develop "mad hops"? As always, the secret lies in a stark, largely graphic-less Web site that makes a lot of vague promises.

Design-wise, Vertical Jump Guide is brutally mundane, down to a dry seven-minute voice-only video. No jumping-guy GIFs, no pixelated pyrotechnics to celebrate "explosion training," no Double Dribble cutscenes. The only excitement comes from the male-enhancement-style testimonials: "I gained a whole 12 inches in the first 8 weeks!"

Vertical Jump Guide will help you "dunk over all those players that laughed at our inability to rise up" as long as you follow a specific program that gives you access to special techniques, the kind of stuff you'd never learn about unless you consulted a trainer or performed a rudimentary Internet search. Vertical Jump Guide is certainly right about how you can't get straight answers from those "so-called jumping experts." I'm so fucking tired of those assholes.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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