You have to admit, Captain Wesker, he DID look smugly confident with that damn pipe of his.

Or both, CharlesDubious.

The subtlety of Cruel World's message is a sure checkmate.

You could always, you know, not go directly to jail, disco_stu...

I didn't know people actually played dominoes for real until about five years ago, djkp.

Okay, I call dibs on Dr_Amazing's territories...

I dunno, enigmahfc, I sure hope I'm playing Twister somewhere when I'm 35. It'd probably beat a swinger's bar, that's for sure.

Yep eshbach, here's another game I sure none of us intended on playing any differently from what we saw from the television commercial.

Next you'll tell me they made a board game from Pong, EvilGenius.

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