Cats. It seems like only yesterday I was talking about how much I hated them in the Wake Up Your Cat Comedy Goldmine article. How I would like to round up each and every kitten in the world and load them into a potato cannon and launch each one mercilessly at passing cars armored with high impact explosives. How pathetic I find every lolcat, every friend of mine who has adopted "oh haiii" as their customary digital greeting. They haunt my every waking moment. They make my eyes itch.

Unfortunately, it seems like I am alone in my hatred, because apparently the rest of the fucking Internet loved that update. Well, not long afterwards forum goon SPop6 got it into his head that the Internet really needed another thread about cats wearing funny clothes. Good because this meme isn't beaten into the ground and unfunny and the joke is dead and everyone should just move on. I hate myself for even posting this update but I got so many emails asking for another cat article that I felt compelled, so enjoy your cats chucklefucks while I go off to find something beautiful to smash.


Pretty self explanatory. Dress up your cat using anything you want, or put your cat in an odd scenario using the things and space available to you. Post your photos here.

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