I cannot:
Climb ladders

I cannot become a professional ladder-climber

Death Incarnate:I cannot: tell a lie.Therefore I would make a poor: President(Or televangelist, for that matter)


I cannot:
fit a live deer in my mouth

Therefore I would make a bad:

Iron Twinkie:

I cannot:
carry eggs around on my crotch

Therefore I would make:
a shitty penguin

Rowdy Rick:

I cannot:
Induce vomiting in others when I talk.

Therefore, I'd make a shitty:
Gilbert Godfried

Duckula:I can not: Do the vulcan thing with my handTherefore, I would make a bad: Nerd


I cannot:
Stay focused

Therefore I would ma


I can not:
Narrate 1998's Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story

I would therefore make a bad:
TV's Fred Savage


I cannot speak Greek.

Therefore I would make a bad Greek.


I can not:
get fat

Therefore I would make a bad:

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