I cannot: listen to half-assed moral cheese rock

Therefore I would make a bad: Creed fan

Supar Tom:I cannot: Stand when people sit on meTherefore I would be a bad: Chair


I cannot:

Therefore i would make a b


I can not:
Make my sentences rhyme.

Therefore, I would make a bad:
Jesse Jackson.

Mista _T:

I can not:
Find anything optimistic about any situation or event and would rather sit on my ass than do anything that anyone other than me would consider marginally productive. Oh, yeah, and I HATE people.

Therefore, I would make a bad:
Motivational Speaker.


I cannot:

Therefore I would make a bad:
Horny construction worker.


I cannot:
Stop fantasizing about fucking my next door neighbor who, honest to God, looks just like, and I mean JUST LIKE Gillian Anderson. Jeesuz fucking Christ I'm thinking about again.

Be back in 5.

plastickiwi:I cannot: cook.So, I would make a bad: casserole


I cannot:
convince you that anal rape is the only sure fire cure for poison ivy.

Therefore I would make a bad:
camp counselor.


I cannot read or write...

Therefore I make...
...a bad...liar


I cannot believe this is not butter.

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