This weekend The Hunger Games debuts in movie form, and undoubtedly some cherished internal monologues, plot elements and even minor characters will be lost in the transition, rendering many fans forever inconsolable. But don't let this crushing disappointment put you off fine literature forever! Just because a PG-13-rated film from the director of Seabiscuit fails to bring your beloved kid-on-kid mandatory murderfest to harrowing life doesn't mean you should start shooting flaming arrows through the windows of your local library. For one thing, wonderful books exist that will never be optioned as movies, which is bad news financially for the authors but good news for you, because you can read them without fear of future cinematic disillusionment! For another thing, the following titles exist only in the imaginations of the SA Forum Goons, and you'll never have to worry about encountering these horrors at the bookstore! The books, I mean. You could still run into the Goons, but that's another chapter.


Improbable Lobster



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