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Was conceived, written, coded, and edited almost entirely by my childhood idol, Mr. Richard “Discount Grocery” Kyanka. This was a huge honor, of course, because usually I have Maxnmona and/or BobServo write my stuff so I can sit back and laugh when people tell me how unfunny it is. With any luck the word “faggot” will be emailed with some sort of reverence since Lowtax was behind this one.

Movie Reviews

Last week there was a shipping fiasco so I ended up doing an AMDB while Zack did a movie review. Since Zack wrote a review that both summarized the movie AND made jokes, I figure the bar’s been set for me. Next week we’ll be looking at “The Hillz” and then “Quiltface” or “Hard Rock Zombies,” depending on what Netflix decides to send me.

This is My Favorite Picture I Hope You Enjoy It

Shout Outz

Per usual, thanks to everyone who takes the time to write in. At this stage in my life I’m pretty much a gigantic walking ego and nothing pleases me more than printing out a bunch of positive emails and rolling nude in a pile of them until the neighbors call the cops.

See you all in a few weeks!

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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