Zack: Did you mean: Only God Will Juggle Me?

If I remember Spanish correctly, this is saying "Only God will have juiced me."

Zack: This dude looks so drowsy.

Dave: Don't you dare fucking juge him!

Zack: It's like Garfield if he was a powerbottom twink.

Dave: I think what disturbs me more than "juge" is the weird mix of capital and lowercase: ONLy God WIll JUGe Me."

Dave: I mean, I'm willing to forgive a single missing letter if the aesthetic appeal of the thing is brilliant enough, but this drowsy twink has a lot to learn about typography.

Zack: Yeah, something about this image is really making me afraid that "juge" is not a mistake and it's some horrible verb used by juggalos.

Zack: "We're all juged equal in the Dark Carnival!"

Dave: Juge: to spray with Faygo, esp. during an act of coitus.

Dave: Juge: to use the word "evicted" to describe getting kicked out of your mother's house at the age of twenty-seven in the hope of lending an air of maturity and a suggestion of injustice to the situation.

Zack: Juge: to leave your baby in the car in the middle of summer while you get the color done on your Milenko tattoo.

Dave: Juge: to surrender your entire personality to a group whose artistic credibility is comparable to that of a late-night infomercial for a "Best of Hee Haw" VHS boxed set.

Zack: Juge: to believe credible the claim that the Dark Carnival was about Jesus all along despite content including child murder, rape, and violence against women.

Dave: Juge: to put unwavering faith in the notion that ICP won the feud with Eminem.

Zack: Juge: to carry a hatchet around for self defense and then get knocked out in one punch by night security at the movie theater when you refuse to stop spitting near patrons.

Dave: Well, I think that one makes the most sense: only God will carry around a hatchet for self defense and then get knocked out in one punch by night security when he refuses to stop spitting near patrons... me.

Zack: Although I like the idea of god spitting soda on these people during sex.

Dave: Now that's a religion to which I can subscribe. Tell me, do you have a few dozen really bad white rap CDs that introduce me to this belief system in an incredibly roundabout and contradictory manner?

Zack: Yes. They're all by this group called Mindless Self Indulgence...

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