Dave: Ah, my favorite character: electric retard Kewpie Jesus.

Zack: Maybe it's a tribute to Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Zack: Too obscure?

Dave: If anyone out there doesn't get that joke, they are just the worst person. Just the worst.

Zack: When you see a tattoo this poorly executed you've got to wonder at what point did the process fall apart.

Dave: I'm guessing the tattoo artist tragically fell asleep during a routine Jesus tattoo procedure-- you can tell because it clearly says "ZZZ" up in the left corner.

Zack: That's "222," the number of Infant Christ.

Dave: Infant Christ is part of the Holy Trisomy.

Zack: First referenced in Rugrats 8:15: For the number was 2 thrice given and it burned in the thundercharge that danced about the Infant Christ's head as he prepared his attack on Krakensaur.

Dave: And lo, the beard of Infant Christ was cleft in twain by the crackling power.

Zack: His powers are like Christ's, but less mighty. He creates wine from sippy cups full of bad juice and he can tread water really well.

Dave: He didn't die on the cross and rise again, but he did get all tuckered out playing with his He-Mans and wake up from his nap a little cranky.

Zack: When he overturned the tables of the money changers he ended up swallowing a nickel.

Dave: "Juge not," Infant Jesus tells us, "lest ye be juged."

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