Hobo Faces! Comics! Best Friends! These are all things you can make in this fun little app! Create an avatar or just paste a little picture to your desktop to remind you of the good times. There's even an option to print out your creations so you can pin them to your wall like some kind of dork! Click on the tips button on the main menu to figure out the controls. Send your creations to [email protected]!

– FUNNY THE FUN! (@sashmorky)

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  • Freakypizza: The Sweater Curse

    Freakypizza: The Sweater Curse

    Elliot said my breakup must have been due to the sweater curse, an unexplained phenomenon where anyone who gives their significant other a hand-knit sweater gets dumped. The only way to break the curse, Elliot said, was to destroy the sweater.

  • Spout.ly Drinking Fountain Enthusiast Lingo

    Spout.ly Drinking Fountain Enthusiast Lingo

    Can't tell a drinking fountain from a urinal? We've got you covered. Brush up on your drinking fountain enthusiast -- or sipper -- vocabulary and learn to talk and swap sips with the best of them.

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