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The Book Barn is always overflowing with words about words and people who make words form coherent stories. Right now there are words about George R.R. Martin, Robert Heinlein, Shakespeare, Homer, Stephen King, JK Rowling, Cormac McCarthy and subjects like science fiction magazine awareness week, must read classics and the worst books being sold plus much, much more! Stop by and pinch off a steaming post of words about words today.

I'm obsessed with Palahniuk...
Like Hunter Thompson, JD Salinger and Jack Kerouac, Palahuniuk has become a part of the wellspring of unfullfilled fantasies for the young adult. Thompson captures the wild hedonism the aspirant streetside pharmacologist reaches for, Salinger embodies the angst of emerging adulthood in a middle class world and Kerouac the lost meandering of just dropping out and finding your own meaning.

Palahuniuk finds his place amidst the pantheon of those worshiped by the well-read college kid with his variations on the theme of lost family and existential drifting through quirky characters assembled from a grab bag of neurosis.

In this thread you can discuss how Palahuniuk has touched you, your disappointment in his inability to write an ending or how you are a too-beautiful failure at suicide.

Book Swap websites
Not what I thought it was. Does anyone know where I can find a site where I can watch as my books are pored over by well-read black men? It's for a project.

Hornblower, Sharpe, and Harrington opinions and discussion
One of these things is unlike the other, one of these things does not belong.

Best 'starter' Terry Pratchett book?
With a mountain of books that wildly vary in quality, getting into Pratchett can be daunting. If you've ever wondered what the big deal was, take a gander at this thread and get yourself started on the rich world of Terry Pratchett today.

[Shakespeare] Gertrude: guilty conscience or simply naive?
This was always a subject I wished they had explored more fully in 'Strange Brew'. I felt that the key to this question is that Gertrude Elsinore's non-complicity in the plot to commit her daughter and frame Bob and Doug McKenzie was the key to her character. She wasn't naive nor guilty as much as she was merely pragmatic in a male dominated world which is a key trait of women in literature, eh?

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"What does the paper say about tomorrow?"
"Another scorcher!"

Writers Guild of America strike - I'm going to read a book, tell me when it's over - The strike is almost over! Soon Hollywood can get back to cranking out new episodes of How I Met Your Mother

Arrested Development Extended Postpartum Depression - Taste the Sad - Holy cow there's a rumor that there maybe might possibly be a slight chance of an Arrested Development movie !!!!!!

Anyone going to try out In Treatment? - Don't kid yourself. Just because it's on HBO doesn't make it less of a soap opera.

So HULU pretty much rules. - Hulu: High-quality, full episodes of your favorite NBC/Fox programs. YouTube: Tons of videos of fat guys slapping their bellies for DocEvil to embed. Winner: YouTube

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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