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Reppin': Elbonio

NWS - Things you do when you're sure no-one will see (may be NMS also). I was genuinely surprised by how many people did not have any concept of tissues or handkerchiefs. WHY WOULD YOU PUT SNOT UNDER THE TABLE USE A GOD DAMN TISSUE!?!!

Turn famous landmarks into budget horror movies! This one has snuck in last minute. What I would really like to see is the statue of liberty, wielding a chainsaw. Let's see you dare disappear her NOW, Copperfield.

Get your parents to draw Homer Simpson from memory. Back from the dead, this thread is worth looking at. When your parents have finished their drawing, stick it on the fridge - they'll feel so proud.

Make toys/games less fun. Surely a contender for a future Photoshop Phriday - take all the best loved games and make them dull and horrible. Go on, it'll be an hour of your time well spent I promise - it's not like you have more constructive things to be doing is it?

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Reppin': rubber cat

Cat Mystery brainstorm.. - skylark writes great many a mystery yarn

eat ice everyday - ice is nice!!! here a thread about it "thanks"

post itt and ill tell you the person at my liberal arts college that youre - Big Man on Campus coming thorugh *bumps head on doorway* ow *sits down at desk* *it breaks* why

if we could digitize the souls of angels and put them on cd-rs would it be wrong to sell them - WEREWAIF ponder the universe...

THESE GREAT QUESTIONS PLAGUER OUR NATION - why. that is the eternal mystery

For Sale: baby shoes. Never worn. - armyman mcmurphy ain't got no leg!!! but he's got a poet soul

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