~*~ Serious Hardware / Software Crap ~*~

Tell me about your Enterprise Windows management!

Chinese messing up my internets

Backing up DVDs losslessly

2010 IBM Master the Mainframe contest: Hack the Gibson, win a tshirt

Post Production Mega Thread: Final Cutting Like a Pro

~*~ Debate & Discussion ~*~

Should Quotas be made to Bring More Woman into CEO Positions?

"Free market solutions" and the health care debate

The absence of women on Wikipedia

What exactly would a world completely without any religion look like?

Heritage not hate?

GOP taking aim at NPR/PBS

~*~ The TV IV ~*~

Fringe Fridays: "Punch buggyyyyyy!"

Justified, S2 - The gunslinger returns February 9 on FX

Futurama: "Choke on that, causality!"

Hoarders, a show about goons

Skins (US version) launched by MTV

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