The Games Forum. If it's about games, and it's on a forum (this forum), then it's on The Games Forum. Mr. Onslaught provides these links:

Free content isn't good enough, let's bitch! - A discussion thread for the new and pointless "Everybody Votes" channel for the Wii, featuring curious outrage at how little function it offers.

Pimp my box - After showing a semi-rare Xbox 360 faceplate, other interesting and obscure plates are investigated.

Nerds rejoice over Japanese guys making money - The former heads of Capcom's recently closed Clover Studio have now formed a new company - SEEDS.

The holy grail of the Games forum - The best "Let's Play" thread ever conceived, featuring a hilarious and in depth presentation of Resident Evil 4.

Why does this Game Boy have an extra screen? - Continued discussion of all things DS, including everything from game reviews to hardware availability.

Witty comments and screenshots immortalized forever - An ambitious and successful thread aiming to catalogue and preserve the most popular "Let's Play" threads in a straightfoward presentation.

Grasping at straws - After new trailers emerged to resurrect the thread, everyone waits for February 20th with bated breath. At least they aren't holding it.

How to do homebrew on the Nintendo DS - This megathread continues the discussion on all the hardware and software needed to run original content on the DS.

Maybe the PS3 has a possibly good game perhaps - PS3 owners huddle together and overpraise another generic console FPS.

Let's Play Tie Fighter - Neb777 comes up with the first gold thread in Your Console Sucks with a clever rendition of Tie Fighter presented through MSPaint.

Serious Hardware / Software Crap. Discussing things like "hardware" and "software," but really not much "crap," unless somebody mistakenly makes a thread about Vista. GodofLint made his list very nice and easy to copy and paste for me.

The SuperPhone Project - 8ender gives us a glimpse in to the world of cell phone design by committee of the mentally handicapped.

HDTV Questions thread - Did you spend $4000 on that new TV from Best Buy? Do you cry yourself to sleep at night because you can't even turn it on? These guys can help.

µTorrent 1.6.1 released! - Everyone's favorite Linux ISO downloader has released a new version.

Quantum computer to be announced - Holds the promise of breaking all conventional forms of encryption. But you already knew that... in a different dimension.

AMD's next-generation processors - New Torrenza processor line promises a rebuttal to Intel's Core2 chips with more speed and less power consumption.

Debate and Discussion. People love to argue on the Internet, and people also love to hate politics. So what do you get when you combine the two? I don't know, but it involves a lot of libertarians. Yiggy serves us a steaming plate of:

SEXY SEXY WAR MACHINE. D&D frantically looks for a magazine to cover after the initial excitement of the F-22 Raptor.

D&D Atheists try in vein to convince everyone they're right as they fawn over Dawkin's CNN/Paula Zahn flapjacking.

This week in D&D B.O. Fest! Fox News works on their comedic timing!

Franken running for Senate! Explains to voters how hes good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, Minnesotans like him! (Too easy?)

D&D collectively muses whether or not we've been wasting our god damned time. For the most part we have, but for some reason people are a lot huggier towards guns than they used to be.

D&D's historical reinactment of the Maginot Lines! (Oh lord not another D&D gun control thread, did we really need to prove the assertion from the "Are we wasting our time thread?").

Qalnor starts collecting dirt for his future blanket-blackmail campaign against D&D readers.

Holy shit new thread tags! Hemogoblin posts a poll so D&D can decide just how cosmopolitan D&D'ers want their forum to look for the next year.

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