Cinema Discusso. Let's talk about movies and... um... movies! Lutherous whisks us into the magical world of cinema.

I wrote an essay defending the Hollywood Blacklist by Chip Butty Bixby - Chip is a film student and this is his essay concerning the McCarthy blacklisting and investigation of filmmakers during the communist scares of the 50's.
Shyamalan's latest script has been read/reviewed - M. Night Shyamalan's new script "The Green Effect" first two acts can be reviewed. Plants emit a neurotoxin that causes all humans to immediately commit suicide.

Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" in the Works - King is eternally popular on these forums and the movies made from his books include It, The Shining and The Stand. Will The Dark Tower be as good as these?

Toy Story 3 Coming in 2009 - Pixar is returning the golden franchise to us with John Lasseter taking the Executive Producers' seat. Free of all Disney taint TS3 has all the promise of being a great addition to the franchise.

Knocked Up - A new Judd Apatow comedy! - Judd Apatow is a Ben Stiller Show alum and the writer of 40 Year Old Virgin. This movie is a pregnancy from a one night stand and the relationship they have for the baby. Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd return for what is shaping up to be a very funny movie.

Mike Nelson's RiffTrax discussion - RiffTrax is the spiritual successor to MST3K, or Mystery Science Theater 3000 and while sometimes on its wisecracks is most times very funny.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 - This time around a group of National Guardsmen find themselves under attack by mutants. Even more gory then the first it promises to be a gem of horror and slasher movies.

Fanboys - We know them, we hate them, we are them. Finally a movie for the mass unshowered mobs of nerds among us.

Where do these people get money for their horrible B movies? - We've all seen Sharkosaurus 4 on Sci-Fi late at night, but how exactly do movies like these come to be and succeed?

Why are Kubrick fans looked down upon in film circles? - Everyone likes Kubrick, everyone has seen Full Metal Jacket so can't we all just be friends? Apparently not.

No Music Discussion. This used to be the file forum where people traded illegal mp3s and whatnot. Then I decided I probably didn't want to get arrested, so I changed it. Now people just discuss their illegal mp3s. Ha ha, just kidding. Sometimes they're in .ogg format. Ask Sir Tonk if you don't believe me.

Timbaland ripped off a track from my buddy - Acclaimed producer Timbaland failed to credit a sample taken from the internet and NMD is all over it. Permabanned idiot "Keep It Real provides" the defense for Timbaland , with the rest of NMD and logical thought representing the side of the original artist.

Coachella 2007 lineup and your stories from previous years - Forum user Sir Tonk stumbles into a thread about this year's Coachella and it ends up containing a wealth of stories about previous years and good information for anyone planning on attending.

Music for Humpin' - Forum use Necronomicon assumes that people on the forums actually have sex and asks what music should go with this concept.

The argh, what's that song!? thread. - NMD's "name that song in my head" thread is still going strong after a few months, and has gotten progressively more obscure.

Help me 'get' Tori Amos - According to forum use al sharptons hair, Aeon is going to need to get raped a few times before he'll 'get' Tori. That is, until forum administrator Ozma steps in to dispense knowledge on all the Tori-haters.

Nerdcore/Geekster Rap Discussion - The official "sound of the internet" now has its very own thread with which to try and justify its existence and irony dominates.

Small, yet song-ruining, production errors - NMD shows how they any listener can effectively ruin his/her listening experience by looking for mistakes.

The Arcade Fire's New Album: Neon Bible - Somehow NMD has figured out how to keep a thread about Arcade Fire's yet to be released album on the first page for over a month.

Let's talk about headphones 2: NMD edition -Your one-stop-shop for any an all information concerning those earbuds that came with your iPod. Just don't tell anyone you still use them.

I Need Murder Mystery Music - Forum user Uptomyknees needs music to help with writing his "first completely 'real world' work of fiction".

The TV IV. Do you like shows? On TELEVISION? If so, this is the forum for you! Aatrek watches TV too!

Lost - "Flashes Before Your Eyes" - After a week of OH GOD LOST SUCKS, the song's changed to OH GOD LOST RULES. Surprise, surprise.

Battlestar Galactica - "The Woman King" - The episode called "Worst BSG Ever" by TV IV gets voted to CRAP and back again. A TV IV first!

My Friend's an Addict: House, MD - This week, we learn that sex is like microwave pizza. Buy one get one free?

Day Break: New Episodes Online - This year's too-good-to-be-cancelled show got cancelled. ABC proves us wrong by putting all the unaired episodes online, to goon delight.

American Idol: Hollywood Week -Chris Sligh - goon? Who knows, but we've adopted him anyway.

24: 1PM to 3PM - Guns, grenades, and evil grandpas. A TV IV winning combination.

Star Trek: The Katherine Pulaski Fan Club - Hot topic: Neutronium and it's many uses. Are we nerds? You decide.

Heroes: "Run!" - If you had a superpower, would you melt a toaster, or steal a bag of diamonds? We'd do both.

Veronica Mars: Who shot the Dean? - Our favorite girl gumshoe gets closer to solving the big case. Now, with more murder!

30 Rock: Meat is the new bread! - This show is really, seriously funny. If you're not watching it: WATCH IT.

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