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Trade Books with other people from the internet. Ignore pages 55-59, I'm not sure why they're stuck together.

What do writers do to make you angry? If you don't get angry reading a book then you're not reading far enough into it.

Historical Fiction.. You thought history class was boring? Wait until you read some of these books.

~*~ No Music Discussion ~*~
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How do you experience music? - Have you ever smoked weed while listening to music and saw a color? Is Pink Floyd pink? Ever had really, really good weed? Come self-diagnose yourself with synaesthesia in this thread.

New Metallica Album gets a title - Rejected album titles include "Kill-o-meter" and "Keep Honking, I'm Reloading".

Forgotten Bands - So am I the only person that remembers Third Eye Blind? They wrote a song in the 90's which would eventually become known as the theme song of Friends.

Song covers you hate - What's more fun, listening to bad music or discussing things that you hate? Find out for yourself!

Bands selling out to advertisements - When I first heard Led Zeppelin in a car commercial I went fetal for hours. My mom didn't even ask if I wanted to eat dinner and my dog died.

~*~ Batman's Shameful Secret ~*~
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Batman: Gotham Knight DTV Anticipation Thread - Remember the Animatrix? Now watch as six Japanese directors compete to make Bruce Wayne as effeminate as possible in a whole new genre that can only be called BATMANIME!

Captain Atom and Eve, Not Black Adam and Steve - NewAgeMilhouse calls out a crazy blogger trying to portray DC as being rabidly anti-gay - and we get a delightful haiku thread out of it.

Big Brother Voodoo, or "The Question Has The Answer" - BSS mod hermanos wants to know... Does reading Superman make you fascist fetishist?

DRUNK COMIC BOOK HISTORY: The Robins. Seriously. Just watch. - A video brought to our attention by Uptomyknees boozily explains how Batman met his many young pals.

Funny Panel of the Week - Scaramouche reveals Satan's plan to put your soul into a giraffe!

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