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Pooping once every 7/12 days... - Defecation celebration station with added MY GIRLFRIEND.

I miss solid poo - I am calling on you to help this poor man find his lost love.

Nads For Men Hair Removal Strips - "because now that I've been working out, I want to see my quads unobscured"

Male skin care - Take a look at the goons.jpeg thread in Helldump and tell me that goons wouldn't benefit from this thread.

Lifting routines for swimming - guys i saw this guy on tv swimming and he said he eats 8 pizzas a day and a pound of bacon how can i do this???

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Ever wanted to create a menu for a restaurant?
- Some artist coop wants to start a cafe in an abandoned resturaunt and we ACTUALLY GIVE GOOD ADVICE contrary to our more common practices. Seriously a good thread if you plan on being involved in the management side of the food business.

Chinese Steamed Buns
- Our weekly thread about mysterious Chinese things. Though as weekly threads go, this seems to be a pretty good series. Mmmmmmmmm, steam buns.

Sous Vide At Home
- I'm not sure whether to file this under "Useful food service techniques" or "Crazy molecular gastronomy stuff" but in any case it's still pretty cool.

Cheese noob
- The wonderful world beyond Cheeze Wiz.

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